PLSN high sampled detected data repository


MSS is short period data of OJC, KSP, NIE in mss format. This spans July 1991 to January 2006 for OJC, June 1992 to December 2000 for KSP and October 1995 to September 2005 for NIE. This repository part is currently complete, no further data will be added.

EH is 100 Hz short period data of NIE September 2005 to April 2009 in miniseed format. This repository is currently complete, no further data will be added.

HH is 100 Hz broadband data of OJC, KSP, GKP in miniseed format. BEL has been added since October, 2008 and NIE since April 2009. However, in 2011 BEL and GKP have been converted to 100 Hz continuous recording and the detected acquisition has been terminated for these stations.

In all three parts there may exist gaps caused by station outages or archive data unavailibility. The HH repository part is still open to new data, however there is no automatic upload mechanism and weeks may pass until fresh data is uploaded manually.